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For twenty plus years Mari Green has been a Professional Performing Artist.  After earning her BFA in Vocal performance, Mari has successfully worked consistently in her musical field. Raised on the rock, roll, and the soul of Motown, then classically trained at The Boston Conservatory of Music, Mari’s versatility as a singer is evident in her accomplishments and projects. Please read on to see what she is offering to Schools, women's Groups, those facing Parkinson's Disease, and stroke survivors. 

Lone Microphone


I Sing because I'm Happy.

I Sing because I'm Free. 

His EYE is on the Sparrow... that's the reason why I Sing

"As a Performing Artist, I wholeheartedly believe I am being guided by a divine source to share my experience, my story and my talent in ways that I previously had not imagined. 

I am grateful and humbled by life. I have a song in my heart and I hope to share it with 

YOU."  Mari Green


Cheering Crowd



In September of 2017,  I was busy tripping over my musical life with my new roles as a wife and a mother when a stunning interruption came.  I say "tripping" because all that I had deemed important re-shifted in priority when I was diagnosed with Ductal Carcinoma in my right breast.  It was an interruption that I didn’t want, but did not know I needed.  It was a huge wake up call to what I was thinking... about myself, and about my world. 

Ductil Carcinoma in SITU is the earliest stage breast cancer... Stage 0. At this stage, abnormal cells have begun to group together forming small tumors inside the milk ducts. Some women are able to have that area cut out with a lumpectomy. However, for me it was through out each duct in my right breast... which meant the whole breast would have to be removed. At that point, the verdict was still out on the small spots they found in my left breast.  

As with any diagnosis, statistics and facts, along with the decisions that need to be made based on them, are thrown at you hard and fast. Reasoning through the lot while trying to manage terrifying emotions, a toddler, and family... is exhausting.  Somehow, with Gods grace, I was able to compartmentalize and reason through these decisions. Unfortunately, one thing that became painfully glaring to me as I jumped into personal research were the disparities between African American woman and Caucasian women and their treatment of breast cancer. The unfortunate truth is more African American women ARE dying at a much higher rate from breast cancer. That is because it is being found and/or treated at such a late stage.

So, that fateful 28th day of August, 2017, as I walked off stage and entered my dressing room, I realized in that moment that I had to act on the pervasive thought that something did not feel right. I picked up the phone and made the call.

How very fortunate I was to have questioned and acted on that feeling that something did not feel right to me. I called my Ob/gyn and she signed off on a mammogram with an ultrasound. As it would turn out, it would be my first and ONLY mammogram and I was 42 years old. I underwent a double mastectomy on October 27th, 2017.


Truth be known, it is only now am I finding my true voice with which to speak and sing with. Through EARLY DETECTION and the grace of God, this early stage of cancer had not gone into my lymph nodes. My GRATITUDE is the basis of my newest endeavor TRIPPING OVER GRACE.  I am letting my life speak to this cause, and the importance of self examination as well as the follow up after early detection. I want my life to sing to my sisters of all colors everywhere on these points. 

I hope to have the opportunity to inspire others with my story and my song. If you would like 

for me to speak and sing my story to your group, please contact me through this site.  

Gracefully yours, 

Mari Green

Anchor 2 Breast Cancer


Mari became a featured soloist with the Boston based Opera Company “Opera UnMet” in 1996 and has sung with the musical group for 21 years.  Singing such roles as:

Papagena in "The Magic Flute,"

Cherubino in "The Marriage of Figaro,"


Clara in, "PORGY & BESS" 

She also toured throughout Latvia and Russia while becoming a formidable Slave Song and Spiritual Concert Artist. 

The Boston based musical singing group is best known  for  the incomparable annual performance celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day, “Ties that Bind.” Including performances in prestigious venues as the JFK Library, The Cranbrook School, The Dizzy Gillespie Theater, The Hatchshell on the Esplanade, and Boston Symphony Hall.

Ms. Green has also been a featured singer/dancer and actress at the famed Hunterdon Hills Playhouse in New Jersey, performing in more than FIFTY musical productions and revues. 


Her regional/off Broadway credits include: "The Philadelphia,"  Neil Simon's "The Sunshine Boys,"  "Blithe Spirit," "Cactus Flower," "George Washington Slept Here," "The Late Christopher Bean,"  "To Kill a Mockingbird,"  Andrew Lippa’s "The Wild Party,"  "Hair,"  and  "Ragtime."  In 2018 she performed as the incomparable Sister Mary Hubert in NUNSENSE starring JOYCE DEWITT of Three's Company. In 2019, Mari premiered the role of Countess Maximova in the Murder Mystery Musical Hit TAKE ME AWAY!

Anchor 5 Performing Artist

Take Me Away

In March 2019, Mari premiered the role of COUNTESS MAXIMOVA in TAKE ME AWAY

Sherlock Holmes,


Anchor 3 Gallery

Voice Lessons

Let me help you become comfortable and courageous with your Vocal Expression. Whether Public Speaking, Singing or Manipulating your speaking voice, I offer an organic and gentle approach to using your voice and gaining more confidence. 

Private lessons are available in person please call or email directly for availibility

The Vocal Performance Conclave

This semi-private masterclass is designed to ultimately create a safe space for singers or speakers to comfortably practice performance anxiety. While also learning singing techniques The group meets Monday Evenings - 6pm (age 10-17) and 7pm for adults.


This masterclass can be purchased through this website or by contacting Mari directly via email:

Public Speaking 

Whether it is a best man speech, a monologue, a cold call, or a presentation at work my gentle organic approach can help you feel confident.

Song Sessions 

Song sessions is designed for those with any type of disability. From Parkinson's to Autism- my goal is to stimulate the vagus nerve by singing to YOU!

Vocal Song Coaching

Lets dig into the nitty gritty of your voice and how to execute your song. We will work on endurance, pitch control, emoting, staging, and of course confidence. 

Gender Affirming Voice Care

Ones voice is uniquely special as it has the ability to give or take power away from an individual. Our time together will be spent exploring your personal goals for your voice, and building a technique specifically for you. ONLINE ONLY 

Gender Affirming Voice Lessons

When I graduated from college one of my goals was to truly know my own voice... and put in practice a vocal regimen. I was extremely fortunate to have had the life experience as a performer for more than 20 years that supported that effort. So...

I want to share my expertise with those seeking voice training in their gender expression goals. In me, I can assure those seeking this tool, that I whole heartedly offer a safe empowering place to affirm who you are.
I offer clear guidance for your vocal transition, as well as secure relationship that does not expect you to conform to cis standards of gender expression. I will gently assist you on your journey to becoming your most authentic self.

These lessons are Online Only


The Sing Healing Method by Mari

Singing is a Sound Healing Method and as with any type of healing modality it can bring lasting change in both the mind and physical body.


During the pandemic I didn't realize my performing life would take such a candid turn.   For me, it has yielded a new chapter. A chapter that takes all my skills and experiences and utilizes them at once. I am proud and grateful to be offering,


Song Sessions - The Sing Healing Method 


If you are a caregiver in need of some time to yourself...

 If your loved one needs to be uplifted, motivated, and stimulated

then please click the button below to READ MORE about the benefits of

Song Sessions- The Sing Healing Method.

This is an ideal solution for you as well as time well spent for your loved one.   





Continuously concerned with what her musical contribution is to the world, in 2007, Mari began developing school performance programs.  Merging her experience as a Concert Artist of Spiritual Slave Songs with a love of historically-based fiction, Mari wrote two shows that celebrate Black History.  These beautifully performed musical programs, along with historical information can serve school curriculum anytime of year.



Live Performance


“Over the Mountain,”  is a school age program for grades 4-7.  Copyrighted in 2008, this tells the story of a fictional slave girl who manages to steal a way north to freedom.  Her story is woven around the factual life story of Fanny Kemble, a British actress who marries an American man, unbeknownst to her, one of the largest slave owners in the Antebellum South.  

This performance program features a study and curriculum guide and is available for performance only or artist residency, in which Ms. Green visits the classroom discussing the Underground Railroad, slave, and code songs. 


This performance is a 50-minute program. 

Cast: Singer, Pianist, Narrator - Mari Green.



 “Juneteenth” is a celebration of the emancipation of post - Civil War slavery. June 18th is the day Union General Gordon Granger and 2,000 federal troops arrived in Galveston, Texas, some two years AFTER the Emancipation Proclamation was signed.  Union General Gordan Granger received orders to take possession of the state and enforce the emancipation of its slaves.  Thus, the name  “ Juneteenth. “


Through the spiritual songs of African American slaves, this performance is ideal anytime of year, September - the anniversary of Lincoln's preliminary reading of the Emancipation Proclamation or February, Black History Month.

This performance program features a study and curriculum guide and is available for performance only or artist residency, in which Ms. Green visits the classroom discussing the Underground Railroad, slave, and code songs. 


This performance is a 50-minute program. 

Cast: Singer, Pianist, Narrator - Mari Green.


Life Celebrations

My next endeavor for this year is LIFE CELEBRATIONS! 

This program is an intensely personal musical program to celebrate a life that has just ended or a life that is coming to an end. It is shaped by the personal soundtrack of ones life. 

This is a unique one of kind funeral, memorial or celebration for your non religious loved one. Please email directly if interested.

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